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Annie Smith Peck

Adventurer and Ardent Suffragist, Annie Smith Peck was born #onthisday (October 19th) in 1850. She hoped to attend Brown University like her father and brothers, but was denied admission on the basis of her gender.

She moved to #michigan where she earned her living as a teacher, still hoping to earn an undergraduate degree from a university. She enrolled in the University of Michigan at 24, (it had started enrolling women in 1871), and graduated with honours. Later, she traveled to Europe, continuing her studies.

She took up mountain climbing in the 1880s, and while she gave up teaching soon after, mountaineering seemed to have remained a passion, along with education, equality for women, and archeology.

Even her hiking attire of hip length tunic, tall boots, and baggy kneed trousers sparked much debate.

She wrote extensively, campaigned for unity among nations, and started a world tour at 84. Indomitable, indeed!

I loved reading about her unusual life, but what struck me the most was that she continued scaling heights (both literal and metaphorical), and at the age of 61, she climbed Mount Coropuna in Peru (nearly 6500 metres) and placed a 'Votes for Women' banner at its summit!






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