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Picture of Ramya talking to school children, who have their hands raised to ask questions

Author Visits

Author Visits

If you're doing School Assemblies, why not make one an Author Visit?!

An Author visit is a great way to teach kids about the process behind creating a book and for them to connect with one of the people creating it. They can ask questions, learn about writing, and get inspired to create magic of their own!

All of my picture books end with a positive affirmation, and I absolutely enjoy sharing inspiring messages with kids!

According to the National Literacy Trust, pupils who had an author visit this academic year:

  • Were twice as likely to read above the expected level for their age (31% vs 17%)

  • Were more likely to enjoy reading (68% vs 47%) and writing (44% vs 32%)

  • Were more likely to be highly confident in their reading (37% vs 25%) and writing (22% vs 17%)

I'm available to do library readings, school visits, readings to nursery groups, daycare centres, and church groups. I tailor the reading based on the age group. (Don't want three year olds wondering who the crazy woman with the powerpoint presentation is, or even worse, having milkshake chucked at it!)

What each session includes:

A short explanation of writing as a craft and writing as a profession, and the process of book publishing.

A reading from my book, along with a discussion of the themes presented (I like to incorporate this into the reading)

Positive Affirmations - (let's face it, these kids are just as amazing as the people we read about!)

Question and Answer Session

And a FREE copy of my book for the school library.

Check out the infographic below to see how my visit would be compliant with the Reading Framework.





















Before the Session

- We could have a discussion about what the children have been learning (if it's related to any of my books. For instance, if it's Science Week, I could read from Women in STEM) and you can choose which of my books are to be read.

- I'll email a previsit order form with a link to to be emailed to the parents 4 - 5 weeks before so that I can get signed copies on the day.

(If I get more than 50 orders, I will waive the fees for the visit.)

After the Session

You will receive

- A Lesson plan booklet with cross-curricular themes, ranging from ideas for Group discussions, Group activities, to written activities.

- Pdfs of cut-and-paste activities to be done with the children after the visit. These are also at the back of the books

- Discussion questions to be emailed to parents so they know what was read and the themes we discussed, along with a post-visit order form for signed copies. (These will be delivered to your school a few weeks later.)

If your students wish to write to me, I promise to send handwritten replies!

Charges (plus travel expenses):

GBP 75 per session of 45 minutes

GBP 150 for  2 sessions

GBP 200 for 3 sessions (Half day)

P.S.: Per 50 orders pre-visit, a session will be free. Win-win)

An infograph explaining how Author Visits are in compliance with the Reading Framework


Picture of Ramya leaning down to talk to primary school children
In celebration of science week, our Year 1 and 2 classes were visited by local author Ramya Julian. Our children really enjoyed listening to her read her book about Women in STEM.

Ealdham Primary School

Download the free Lesson Plan

(It can be customised to suit your students)


Cover of Women in STEM picture book

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch to book a visit or enquire about the process. 

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