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Group Hug Art Journal

The perfect gift when you don't know what to gift

(Also, it's drawn and designed by my mother) - but of course, I'm not biased when I say it's one of the best, the absolute BEST I've seen. See, I told you I'm not biased. Speaking from the POV of a wholly objective third party who's filled about forty notebook journals.

Journalling and hugging (with consent)
are proven to lower your stress.
So we've combined the two.


Vivid illustrations

Yep, all those leaves are handpainted and from life by my mum - from looking at real life plants and all. Not my plants, because I managed to kill even the lavender in the front garden and they are supposed to be hardy evergreens.

Hardy. Huh. Evergreen. Huh.


Quaint tea sets,
Vintage bottles,
Ancient carpet bags

You name it, my mother's painted it.

Well, most probably. In all likelihood.

Once she even sketched a crumpled up wad of paper.

And it was beautiful.

With cutesy handwritten quotes

As a bonus, you get to see in writing all the things you grew up hearing (and pretended you didn't)! 

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