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Family Photoshoot

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Interesting fact: Did you know you can say cheese without opening your mouth or baring your teeth?

No? I didn't either, until I asked my daughters to pose for pictures.

RJ (me): Say Cheese!

Them (in the most funereal tones possible): Cheese.

Husband AJ: Who died last week?

The kids: The Queen!

RJ to AJ: Really?

AJ, with just a hint of smugness: Well, it worked.

RJ: You could have asked them what Elsa is.

AJ: Who on earth's Elsa?

(Side note: How can you not have heard of Elsa and Anna while parenting a six year old? He thought she was referring to some imaginary friends apparently.)

RJ in a terrible imitation of the cheery tones of a party entertainer: What's Elsa, girls?

Kids: A 'pincess'

RJ: She's a Queen, isn't she? Say Queen.

Kids: Where's the lollipop? You said you'd give us a lollipop.

RJ: Only if you pose for pictures properly. Say Cheese! NOW!

Kids: Cheese NOW.

Of course they've got downturned mouths in the picture because they were saying the OW of Now.

Meanwhile, photographer looks as if she's regretting this already.

And we are only two minutes into a half hour photoshoot.

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Hillllariousss😂.. We mums lead charmed lives.

Ramya Julian
Ramya Julian
Sep 21, 2022
Replying to

Indeed we do 😂

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