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First All Female spacewalk

Two NASA Astronauts made #space #history when they carried out the first all female #spacewalk #onthisday October 18th in 2019.

Spacewalks are described by astronauts as the most physically challenging thing they've had to do. Can't be easy moving in zero gravity!

Christina Koch and Jessica Meir began this historic extravehicular activity (apparently, that's astronaut jargon for spacewalk) about ten minutes early, and successfully replaced the power control unit that was failing to function.

An all female spacewalk had already been planned for March 2019, but didn't go ahead because of spacesuit sizing issues. After a mere 15 women went to space, it's been found (surprise, surprise) men and women react differently to spacewalk - Men are more likely to develop vision problems while women are more likely to develop hypotension. Previously, it was assumed everyone would react the same, based on how men were affected. (It's sad that women are still considered a deviation from the norm that is men, an afterthought included in many scientific studies. There are more medications for erectile dysfunction than for menstrual pain. I digress, but...)

I love this picture of Christina Koch and Jessica Meir. The camaraderie between two wonderful women, their inspiring story, and the fact that there so many all female firsts we are finally hitting, though it took 220 spacewalks before we could.

Hoping we hit many more all-female firsts (and all other firsts, too) soon, so that having people of every gender, race, and ethnicity in all spheres becomes the norm, so much so that we don't even quote it as a major event.

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