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Personalised signed paperback copies of all books (With option of getting Hardcover for Women in STEM)


Perfect for

  • Babies, Toddlers, Children aged 0 to 7 years
  • Birthday Presents, Christmas Presents, Presents for 'kids who have everything'
  • Teaching Diversity and Inclusion by challenging traditional norms of what a hero looks like
  • Anyone who likes rhyming books and needs a dose of hope


Why Children love the book

  • Full Colour Illustrations
  • Rhyming verse in Dyslexia-friendly text
  • The Activity and Colouring Pages
  • Cut-and-paste activity to make little paper houses
  • The Positive Affirmation at the end!


Why Parents and Teachers love the book

  • Features an inspiring personto encourage little ones
  • STEM/ STEAM aspect of the story
  • Glossary explaining all the 'big' words
  • Heartwarming bonding activity and a starting point for deeper discussions about World Issues
  • Free Teaching Resources for the book at

Book Bundle - All Books

PriceFrom £40.99
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