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Happy birthday, Gandhiji!

I have had pitched arguments about Mahatma Gandhi. Racism. Casteism. Sexism. I admire the man, even though I abhor some of his beliefs. India definitely wouldn't have gotten Independence when she did, if it weren't for him. And though Thoreau (wow I got that spelling right in the first try!) coined the term, Gandhi was the one who got 'Nonviolent Resistance' and 'Civil Disobedience' into common parlance.

But the fact remains, that not all his views could bear scrutiny.

So... I've come to terms with it. He's human. All idols have feet of clay.

But he remains an inspiration to this day because of his courage. Idealism. His bravery. His strength.

And not least of all, because he taught us that if a small, shy boy, from a small obscure town could create such amazing, wonderful change - well so can you!

Here are some quotes of his.

Also, I chose his birthday to publish my second book, a rhyming picture book based on him. (Do check it out, if you can.)

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