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About Ramya Julian

Author, illustrator, and dentist, Ramya Julian finished her first novel at the age of ten and she avers it was very well received though it was read only by her brother. She has all the hobbies of a maiden Victorian aunt – reading, writing, painting, crocheting, knitting, and sewing, and the temperament of one. When she’s not guilt-tripping her two daughters into good behaviour, she can be found devouring books, crafting poems and puns, and chuckling at her own witticisms.

She grew up in India and now lives with her husband and their two daughters in London.

She has experienced so much joy through the enchanting artistry of many authors and creators, that she aspires to share at least some of it through her writing.

GIF of Ramya Julian drinking from a coffee mug which has 'Blame Austen' written on it


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