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Hello Parent/ Carer! I'm really looking forward to visiting your child's school.

Here's a selection of books that you can order for me to sign and bring on the day.

These are part of an ongoing series of rhyming picture books based on diverse heroes. All of them end with a positive affirmation, and have activity pages, along with a cut-and-paste activity to build a house. Happy Reading!

Signed Copy of Women in STEM Paperback

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Product Details
Brand: A Wonderful World Book Series

Women from different fields, some with science degrees,
Women of different origins, and from different countries,
Four women heroes all in STEM,
This is a compilation based on them!

These four famous women made waves in the world, by the power of their dreams, their courage in the face of adversity, and their strong determination. With full colour illustrations and simple rhyming verses, this book is made so little readers know that they are wonderful people, with the capacity of genius like Marie Curie, with fiery courage like Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy, with tenacity of purpose like Wang Zhenyi, and the compassionate good will of Mary Seacole.


  • 400 words of Rhyming Verse
  • Dyslexia Friendly Text
  • Full colour Illustrations
  • Positive Affirmation
  • Glossary to explain difficult words
  • Activity and Colouring pages including a Cut-and-Paste activity pages to build a house

The book will be signed with a personalised autograph from the author.

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